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Sheds - is that what ShedSpot Does?

At Shedspot when we say we sell sheds... we don’t mean we only sell those little iconic tin sheds that for so long have been part of the Aussie backyard.  Whilst we DO sell those too... our range of ‘sheds” extends to a range far greater than that.

For Example.

Garden Sheds.
Our Garden Shed range comes in a multitude of sizes from the tiny tool sheds such as the Spacesaver Shed which is only 1.52m by .78m and others which are as wide, but deeper. Even smaller is the backyard pool pump cover.  Our pool pump covers are great, with enough room for the pool pump and chemicals.  They protect your pump from the weather without taking up much room as well as reducing that distracting pump noise.

Our 2.3 and 3 m sheds also come in a wide array of depths depending on your space requirements and yard size.

Workshops Sheds
These guys are big.  4.5 to 6m wide so you have heaps of room to set up a workshop as well as store garden tools, bikes and toys or pool / ping pong table.
yes we know, a carport does not fit the traditional definition of a shed... but what better company to sell carports than a shed company?  A carport is really just a shed, with poles instead of sides.  Single and double carports available.

When I was a kid and my dad said he was going down to the shed... he really meant the garage because that’s what his shed was – the garage.  I’m sure many Australians have the same experience.  We sell single and double garages in a big range of colours and with lots of different options.

Are aviaries a shed?  Yes!  Aviaries are basically a shed, except instead of having 4 solid sides, 1 or more of the sides are mesh. Our aviaries come in many sizes, and are multipurpose.  Sure, many are used for housing birds but they are also used as dog kennels.  Our hexagonal aviaries sell really well as they provide visual access from so many angles into the aviary.

Patio Covers
Our Patio Covers are a relatively new addition to the range and with the boom in the Australian Patio Business they have proved very popular.  Getting a Span line or Trueline patio can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but with one of our Patio Covers you can install one yourself for in some cases, less than $1000! And unlike some of our competitors, our gutters and downpipes are built to standard Australian sizes, so you’ll never be stuck relying on us for parts if you wish to modify your patio.

What Else?

  • We sell a range of handy shelving and flooring kits, so you fit out your shed on a budget as well.

  • Our sheds come with a 12 year warranty on the steel.  Our sheds are well priced, but our prices are even better when you consider that our sheds are going to last and last.  Slightly cheaper imports – expect these to rust apart well inside 12 years and you’ll be on the web looking at our sheds sooner than you think!

  • Live in a high wind area?  In Australia.... that’s almost everywhere!  Severe storms have damaged houses from Darwin, to Hobart, from Perth to Cairns and almost everywhere in between.  Worried about losing the contents of your shed to a storm?  Many of our sheds are cyclonic proof and will withstand almost any storm nature can throw at them .

The Aussie stereotype of a Sheds being a  man’s castle - just smaller and with fewer servants, a  place to problem solve, to tinker, to think, to retreat to, to “just go out to”.  At Shed Spot we agree all this is likely true - but we also see a shed as something to park a car or boat in or under, to work in, to put house your pets in or even to cover your patio! 

Sheds at Shedspot?  You’ll find more than the garden mower inside.

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