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Keeping Your Workshop or Garden Shed Secure

Are the items in your shed covered under your insurance policy? Many policies exclude items that are not properly secured. It’s worth checking.

Your garden shed is an easy target for thieves – it’s tucked away in the backyard, mostly hidden from view. You may not even visit it very often yourself, so any theft will go un-noticed for days or weeks.

Once your loss is discovered, that’s when your mind starts to create doubts - have they been in the house? Will they come back? Were they here when I was home?
Most often, thieves are opportunists and a lot of people overlook security in the backyard which gives them plenty of opportunity. Here are some things you can do to make your shed more secure: 

  1. Is your shed secured properly to the base? If not they can gain access by simply lifting a panel.
  2. Does it have a good quality solid lock? A padlock is better than nothing, but can easily be cut with bolt cutters. A cylinder padlock is more difficult to cut through and will at least slow them down. 
  3. Still concerned about security? There are security systems available that operate with an infrared motion detector that will sound an alarm if the door is opened without first keying in your code.
  4. For extra security, you could consider grills on all windows of your shed or reinforcing the door.
  5. Movement detector lights fitted to the outside of your shed can frighten off would-be thieves.

Of course, you can use one or all of these measures depending on the break and enter history of the area you live in and the value of items in your shed. You won’t find it necessary go to the expense of putting in motion detectors and security grills if there has never been a break and enter in your neighbourhood and you only have a few garden tools and some junk in the shed!

You’ve probably been accumulating the equipment in your shed over many years and you may not even realise how much it is worth.

The lawn mower, whipper snipper, cordless drill, ladders, leaf blower, wheel barrow, garden tools, camping equipment, sports equipment – it all adds up and can be a nice little bit of pocket money for an enterprising thief. If you use your shed as a workshop, you would have specialised tools that can be expensive to replace.

Don’t make it easy on thieves to enter your home or shed by leaving gates open so they can just drive up, load up valuables into their ute and drive off.  If you have a gate, use it – keep it shut and locked. Damaged and falling down fences should be repaired promptly so that a swift kick by a determined criminal can’t knock the entire fence down and leave your backyard exposed.
With just a little bit of attention to some basic security measures around your home you can avoid being another statistic on the police and insurance files. You’ll also feel more secure.

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