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Keeping Order in Your Shed

So, you’re about to purchase a garden or workshop shed. If you’ve been inside a few sheds in your time you’ll have noticed that some of them are meticulously organised and spotlessly clean while others are disorganised and dusty.

They say that “like attracts like” and it certainly seems to be true. Once your shed starts to become a little untidy, more untidiness follows and you end up piling item in upon item until you can no longer find things easily. Then the dust particles begin to multiply and spiders begin to weave intricate cobwebs over all the contents. Eventually, getting something out of your shed when you need it becomes a task to be approached with caution.

There’s a lot of wisdom to be gleaned from old sayings. They also say “start in the way you mean to continue”. In shed terms that means that if you want to have a well organised shed, have it well organised from the very beginning – and you’ll be more likely to keep it that way.

If you’ve already decided which shed you’re purchasing, it’s time to think about how you will store the items in it. Think about all the different things you intend to keep in there. Will shelves, crates, drawers, or cupboards help you to keep it in order? A larger shed might be able to accommodate a bench or two.

People do such a variety of things in their sheds there’s no one-size-fits-all system of organisation but here are a variety of items that can help keep order in your shed:

1 Garbage bins – for the gardeners out there, garbage bins with lids are a great way to store potting mixes.

2 Wall hangers – if you have tools to store and want to be able to see and reach them easily, you can put up your own storage board using some inexpensive wood, some heavier planks and nails, bolts or hooks to hang things on.

3 Work benches – if you’re handy you’ll probably be able to make one yourself. If not, you’ll probably find one of a suitable size in a large hardware store.

4 Drawers – they come in all shapes and sizes from the size you use to store your clothing to the little drawers designed for screws, nails and other bits and pieces.

5 Jars with lids – another handy method of storing small items with the added advantage that if you keep the jars clean on the outside you can see what’s on the inside.

6 Plastic crates – these come in all shapes and sizes and you’ll find them at your local department store. Choose ones with lids to keep the dust out. Some even have wheels which are very suitable for storing heavy items – you can just slide the crate in and out of position to access the contents.

Keeping your shed orderly can actually help you get through your outdoor tasks faster – you won’t need to spend the first hour looking for the right tool.


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