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Garden Sheds - How Much Space do You Need?

If somebody ever makes a garden shed that can expand in size at the same rate most of us accumulate the type of “things” that end up in the garden shed, they’re likely to make zillions. Until then, it’s fortunate there are so many different sizes and shapes of garden sheds available that there’s one to suit all of us at almost any of life’s collection points!

For the single man or woman, with only a small garden or courtyard area there’s a fabulous little garden shed 1.52 metres wide by 0.78 metre deep available for less than two hundred Australian dollars. It’s big enough to hold a lawnmower, a few basic gardening tools, a bag or two of potting mix, perhaps some sporting equipment, a box or two of total junk, and even the garden gnomes your aunt gave your for Christmas.

Most garden sheds have a single hinged door and a simple slide bolt making access quick and easy. When your aunt visits, the gnomes can be quickly deployed. Stand them just outside the shed and tell her you need them to guard the fairy that lives in the shed. Anyone who’d give you garden gnomes for Christmas would believe that, right?

A shed this size is designed for small spaces so it’s ideal for the small back yard, the little courtyard of a villa or even to go inside the garage or allocated storage space of an apartment.

For a family or really serious hoarders there’s a 4.48 metre wide by 2.26 metre deep garden shed with double doors. This sized shed is workshop size. They’re great for housing larger items of sporting equipment or hobby equipment as it keeps your items out of view and protects them from the weather. It’s a great size for the serious gardener too as you can store all your items and have an area left over for use as a workspace. Go up to a 6 metres wide garden shed and you get two doors, which will let more light into the shed if you plan to work in it.

Garden sheds can now be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep. Naturally, they’re not already constructed -- but they do come with an easy assembly system and instructions. In fact, you can watch instruction videos on the Internet so you can see how they are put together.

In some areas you might require council permission to erect a shed or workshop on your property, so don’t forget to check any council requirements before purchasing a garden shed.

Got something bigger to store? You could always move up to a single garage. That’s right – you can order a single garage complete with a tilt door, windows and a personal access door and have it delivered. You’ll almost certainly have to get council approval for a construction this size but quality sheds of this size will come with engineers plans that you can submit to the council.

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