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Choosing a Shed

No matter whether we live in an average four bedroom home, on a spacious semi rural property, or in a compact townhouse, few of us can get by without an outdoor shed of some size. There are just some things you don’t want to store in the house, but can’t leave out in the weather either. They don’t look particularly attractive stored in your outdoor entertaining area either – so you arrive at the decision that like most of the people you know, you too need a shed. But which shed?

There’s really not that much to choosing a shed. A little logic and forethought and you’ll end up with the one most suitable for your needs. There are three main considerations – what you need to do or put in your shed, how much space you have available for a shed, and how much you want to pay for one.

For the townhouse dweller with just a few odd bits and pieces to store, or some inconveniently sized sporting equipment you just don’t want to keep inside, a little Spacesaver shed could be perfect. Even if you occupy a larger home with more yard space, if you have very little to store, a small shed will be unobtrusive and convenient. The 1.52 metre x 0.78 metre model is designed to fit beneath the eaves. They come in longer versions too so if you have a long narrow space but a lot of items to store, have a look at the 3.0 metre x 0.78 metre Spacesaver.

If you need to store a lawnmower, gardening tools, potting mix, fertilisers and other outdoor items, you’ll probably want something a little larger. Most average residential blocks can easily accommodate something like the 2.66 metre x 1.44 metres Regent Garden Shed or the square Colorbond Premier Garden Shed at 2.26 metre x 2.26 metres.

For the owner of the average sized home or townhouse, where you can position your shed is just as much of a consideration as the size you need. You may have enough “stuff” to fill a 5.96 metre x 3 metre workshop shed – but having to squeeze yourself down the side of the shed to get out of your back door will be somewhat inconvenient!

Of course if you’re lucky enough to be living the semi-rural lifestyle of a 2-5 acre block, you have many more options – and probably a lot more stuff to store. You might want something you can drive the ride on mower into like the Highlander Shed at 5.96 metres x 3 metres. If you feel the need to match the color to the green of your semi-rural location, the Pale Eucalypt Colorbond will be an ideal choice.

Price is the final consideration. Little sheds start at less than three hundred dollars. Zincalume costs less than Colorbond so that gives you some flexibility in price once you’ve chosen the size you need. Buying online and erecting your own shed will save you money too.

Protecting your possessions from the weather can keep them in use for a lot longer – so just having a garden shed could save you money.


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