What do you do in your garage?

Gone are the days when you simply parked your car in the garage. Nowadays, people utilise their garage space for all sorts of things.
If you have a double garage you can still park one car there and use the rest for:

  1. Office space -a free standing partition can make part of it into an office.
  2. Work shop – if you’re working with wood, you might need a cover over the car to protect it from flying chips of wood.
  3. Storage area – as much or as little as you like, around the walls or free standing banks in one half.
  4. Laundry area – a washing machine in one corner and fold away line for hanging your clothes if you either don’t have a clothes line or it’s raining and you need to get some clothes dry.
  5. Games room – it is a very rare house indeed that has a room large enough to house your pool table without putting the cue through the wall. The garage is the perfect size.

In the case of either a single or double garage that you don’t use for a vehicle, you could turn it into your special place for watching big games like the grand finals. Set up a comfy lounge and bar area and on the big day simply move the big screen out there. You’ll find yourself very popular!

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