What’s Going on in Your Garden Shed?

There have been some interesting things found in garden sheds over the years. Not just in Australia but all over the world. From rare oil paintings to hand grenades and even an amplifier believed to have been used by the Beatles.

Just in the past few weeks, law enforcement officers in Michigan USA found a methamphetamine lab in one chap’s garden shed. Police in Texas had an even bigger week – they found some kids locked in one garden shed behind a childcare centre and an old body in another one behind a Texas funeral home.

In Florida in 2007 – according to unverified and possibly completely untrue reports on Internet blogs – a man turned in a 1.2 metre missile launcher during a “kicks for guns” campaign. The program was exchanging shoes for firearms and the fellow wanted a pair for his daughter. Seems he found the missile launcher in an old shed he was dismantling. Yeah, right!

Now all of this fits very nicely with a study done on men and sheds. A story (originally published on www.news.com.au and republished online by The Courier Mail) reports that the study found men between the ages of 30-76 are likely to spend about 3.5 years of their life in their shed. But what’s really interesting is that the poll found that 40% of them lie about what they’re doing in there!

What will you be doing in your shed? Don’t worry – we’re too afraid to ask!

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