Welding at Home

If you want to get into some serious home handyman jobs, you might find you need to do some welding at some stage.

Welding dates back thousands of years to the Bronze Age. Over the years, the art of welding has advanced and improvements made to make it easier, safer and more useful. Welding can be done inside the workshop shed or garage, or even outside, and on land or underwater – even in outer space!

To get started you will need the basics:

  • A 230 volt AC power source – also known as a “buzz box”;
  • A welder’s helmet with additional goggles underneath to protect your eyes;
  • Gauntlet style gloves;
  • A heavy leather or other natural fibre jacket and cap;
  • Thick rubber soled boots;
  • Heavy duty denim jeans;
  • E6011 and/or E6013 all-purpose mild-steel electrodes – Get both 1/8” and 5/32” diameter rods to use with metals of 1/8” thickness or more;
  • A pile of flat steel scraps in various thicknesses (though ideally you want 1/8” to 3/8”.) from your local metal supply yard;

The safety equipment is not an optional extra in welding if you want to avoid serious injury. Once you’ve gathered all this, you’re ready to start AC arc welding. There are a number of opportunities around to learn to arc weld, check at your local TAFE or check online – You Tube has a number of videos on the subject.

Don’t forget, when you’re welding in the garage or shed, you’ll need to shield any flammable items from sparks.

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