Unusual Uses for Your Garage

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary a garage is a shelter or workshop for automobiles, but people seem to have discovered a wider range of uses for their garages.

If you’re a little eccentric you may have though of some of these ideas yourself:

  • A pool hall – great for getting all your mates around for some serious relaxing!
  • A skate park – construct a half pipe ramp all you need is some 4’ x 8’ plywood and some studs. You can get plans online.
  • A bowling lane – use a light ball to avoid wall damage!
  • Drive in theatre – for when you just love being with your car.
  • Pool table and darts – a bit old hat but nevertheless a popular use for your garage, best to make sure the car is out of the way for both of these activities.
  • Spa bath – you just need to take a little care with floor surface (best to put a slip proof coating on the floor as untreated garage floors can get very slippery. Watch your walls as they’re not meant to have water splashing around, if you want to have a serious spa, it might be an idea to tile the wall area around your spa.
  • Party/games room – a nice big room for teenagers to let loose in without fear of too much damage.

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