Turning Your Shed into Cash

If you have an existing shed and you don’t use all of it, you can turn that space into some extra cash.

Are there units nearby where people might be pushed for space? Someone near you may be looking for some storage space, but wants to have things close by. You could rent out the entire shed in the case of unused furniture.

Sometimes people downsize but can’t bear to throw anything away, or children leave home but don’t take their stuff. A local shop owner may need some extra space for a large freezer but doesn’t have the room on the shop premises.

These days, people are coming up with lots of ways to make money and some do it selling product, but storage can be a problem for them. They’ll need something with handy access and protected from the weather.

Of course, you will need to make sure that your shed is leak proof and has regular pest control, and that you aren’t breaking any laws or regulations!

Don’t forget the garage or carport either, especially if you live close to a big city where parking is difficult to find, and expensive. Somebody may be very happy to pay for a regular parking space!

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