Shed Secured? OK, now check your home

Security Tips – The Importance of Security Doors and Windows

In the past we’ve given advice on shed security as they are often soft targets for opportunists thieves.  Your shed often contains valuables such as mowers and other yard tools that are easily sold off the back of a truck.  Your shed needs to be locked securely, I recommend using the padlocks used by most storage businesses which are virtually bolt cutter proof, as the bolt is encased by the padlock frame.

Of course, these locks won’t deter someone with a grinder…. But grinders make a lot of noise so they will keep you average thief at bay.

One of the problems with securing you shed is that thieves will then move on to the next easiest, local target, and that target is often your home  After you have secured your shed, best to have a good look at your home security.

The security of your house or business isn’t something that should be left to chance; every measurable step should be taken to guarantee the safety of your possessions, property, goods, and personal welfare. Understanding the need for adequate protection and the many benefits it entails is key for solid home or business defense.

Retail locations are full of valuables that opportunistic thieves are happy to take. Instead of depending on simple security cameras or burglar alarms to prevent break-ins, business owners can take a more direct approach to bolstering their defense by adding security doors and windows to their establishments. There are also added benefits to upgrading the perimeter security of your location that translates to long term savings.

Everyone wants to feel safe in their home and adding security doors and windows can help you get the most from your home security set-up. There are many customizable options that can offer increased support as well as additional protection for just about any home layout. Contrary to popular belief, secure doors and windows can add to the overall aesthetics of your home through custom crafting and design choices. Understanding why these additions are important is the first step towards making an informed decision regarding which security windows and doors to add to your home.

Important reasons to add security doors and windows to your property

Security doors and windows deter burglars from targeting your property. In most cases, would be invaders check a location prior to attempting a break in. Homes, offices and retail locations that are equipped with security windows and security doors have a lower percentage of forced break-ins than locations that don’t have the added protection. Don’t let them move from shed, to home in search of a soft target.

Home owners are required to insure their properties against all manner of harm when taking out a mortgage.  Rates for residential property insurance are based on a number of factors, some of which can be controlled by the homeowner. Houses that have security windows and doors are able to receive a reduced premium thanks to the lower likely hood of successful home invasion. Commercial, industrial and retail locations are also able to lower their insurance premiums across the board due to the added protection against burglaries.

Windows tend to be the most vulnerable static point for break-ins which is why they are commonly targeted. Adding security windows to your home or business allows more natural light into the space without diminishing security. You also gain the benefit of increased air flow through the location, while still offering a secured internal environment. The second most target areas are doors, both external and garage doors. By adding security doors to each point of entry, the likely hood of successful unauthorized entry is greatly reduced.

Security doors and security widows can also help property owners reduce their energy cost. When doors and windows are left open to increase airflow, the cost of cooling decreases tremendously, unfortunately, this isn’t the safest option when you are sleeping or when an area is not regularly monitored. By adding bolstered doors and windows, you can rest assured that the area is safe even while allowing fresh air to circulate through open windows or doors. Peace of mind is only an upgrade away.

Benefits of securing your premises
By controlling access points to your home or commercial location, you not only provide a safer environment, but you also provide a visible deterrent to criminals on the prowl. While no building is safe from a determined criminal, installing security doors and windows can make access much more difficult.  With so many secure options on the market, there is something that will match the décor of just about every retail location or residential property which adds to the value and ambiance of your property. Security doors and windows are also made from a variety of materials that will easily blend with the current aesthetics while providing added safety.

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