Safety in Your Garage

Most garages tend to be a bit messy because all sorts of things get left in there. Keeping them tidy is an important step in garage safety but if you want to show even more love to your garage and yourself:

  • Attend to any spilled grease as soon as you see it as it will be easier to remove when it is still wet – put some liquid detergent on it and scrub in a wide area where the spill has occurred and around. Blot up the spot with paper towel and discard. You may have to go through the process a couple of times to completely remove the spill. You could also try covering the spill with some absorbent kitty litter – leave it covering the spill for a couple of days to give it time to work.
  • Safety equipment was invented for a reason. Wear those goggles when you are using welding equipment. It only takes one spark to cause permanent damage to your eye.
  • If you are working with loud equipment in your garage, such as a power saw or circular saw, wear some sort of ear protection. Hearing problems occur slowly over time and by the time you realise you have a problem it will be too late.
  • Do you have a fire extinguisher in your garage or anywhere in the house for that matter? If you keep flammable liquids in there having a fire extinguisher nearby could mean the difference between minor and major damage to your house.

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