Aviary Perches – Where to Put Them

Did you know that perches should be placed at about your chest level so that the birds know their place in the hierarchy? Lower than this and they will be frightened, higher than this and they think they’re in charge – the more dominant bird always sits on the higher branches!

When placing your perches and toys, make sure that your birds can move about without running into anything. With perches, put them to the sides however, not so close that the bird’s tail is touching the aviary wall when sitting on the perch.

Go for a walk in the bush and find a fallen branch – this is preferable to the dowel ones as the uneven shape of the branch means that the bird is not always putting pressure on the same part of their feet. Scrub the branch well and dry it in the sun before putting it in your aviary.

Rope (untreated cotton) is also a great idea for an aviary – but it can be removed and washed in your washing machine. You just need to keep an eye on it for any fraying that little feet can get caught in.

Do not place your perch directly over food or water dishes.

Many birds prefer to roost on a flat surface – a 15cm wide plank will be sufficient along the long wall of the aviary.

Plastic perches are not the best option as they can be slippery and your birds will chew and shred them which can cause problems and lead to vet bills.

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