More Strange Shed Findings

To add to our series of posts on the strange things people have found in their sheds, the following comes to us from the UK.Waiting to be revealed to the world for between 4,000 and 5,000 years a neolithic flint axe sat in a garden shed drawer for another 40 years because the owner of the shed did not recognize its significance – according to a 2007 edition of the Evesham Journal.

The Neolithic age or new stone age was a period that is recognized as the last part of the Stone Age. The Neolithic era, following the end of the Holocene Epipalaeolithic period, marked the beginning of farming, which evolved into the Neolithic Revolution and finally the age of metal tools in the Copper Age, chalcolithic or Bronze Age.

Arthur Mason, aged 80, from Elmley Castle, originally found the axe while walking out in Cropthorne. Thinking nothing more of it, he left it sitting in his garden shed drawer until he decided to show it to his friend Tony Tarran. In the course of their “shed chat” about curious things they had discovered, Arthur showed the axe to Tony who convinced Arthur to make some enquiries about the axe.

In an attempt to find more information, the two men took the neolithic axe to the Almonry Museum in Eveshamand then to Worcester Portable Antiquities to pinpoint the exact era it originated from.

Most people dream about finding a rare item, but it took Arthur 40 years to realise the importance of his discovery. The axe looks small but it’s an important archaeological find and is now in the Worcestershire City Museum where it can be privately viewed.

If you’ve found something odd in your shed, feel free to share it with us!

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