Maintaining Your Car – Touching up the Paint

You keep your car in the garage to protect it from the weather, but nothing can protect it from shopping trolleys, people’s car doors and careless drivers who nudge your car, leaving a little dent but no note.

Some scratches on your car can remove all the paint down to the metal and the area can begin to rust, causing permanent damage. Using touch-up paint on your car can be an inexpensive way to protect its value. It’s something you can at home.

There are a number of options for applying touch-up paint. Spray cans can be used for large areas. You’ll need to protect the walls of your garage and any other items stored in their as spray paint tends to go a long way.

For smaller chips and scratches, you can brush the paint or use a paint pen. Often, a paint pen will be easier to apply to very small chips, as you can apply the paint more precisely.

Women find using touch-up paint is easy because they’ve had practice applying nail polish! Rumour has it that some women have even painted their nails with automotive touch-up paint to match their vehicles.

The car’s colour code will be on the identification plate under your bonnet. If you can’t find the code, telephone the manufacturer and ask them. With the correct paint and good instructions, applying touch-up paint should be no more difficult than painting your nails – and if you’re a “he” you can always ask “her” to do it!

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