Little Garden Sheds for Little Spaces

Looking for a little garden shed? Those of us who live in villas or have “low maintenance” gardens still need to store a few items outdoors. Even if we have just a few or no gardening tools at all, there are those indoor items that are undergoing the important transformation from loved or much need items to rubbish. You know the type of things I mean – items we no longer want, but can’t quite bring ourselves to throw out. We don’t want them inside because they’re taking up valuable space, but they’re items we’re not quite willing to discard yet. Or items we can’t discard – like taxation papers!

Garden sheds are good for all of that “stuff”! Of course, if you have only a little backyard or a tiny courtyard, you don’t want your shed to take up a big percentage of your outdoor area.

That’s why Absco make the Spacesaver Shed. At just 0.78 metres deep and 1.52 metres wide it’s ideal for the small garden. If you have a lovely small garden and don’t want a garden shed to intrude, the Spacesaver garden shed is designed to fit beneath the eaves of your home. Of course, there’s no law that requires you to put your garden shed in the garden – as an alternative, you could position it in your carport.

The Zincalume Spacesaver Garden Shed is currently on special at Shed Spot for a tiny $189 and the Colorbond version for $339.

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