Insulating your Shed with Ceramic Paint – Swallow Friendly Eaves

Insulating your Shed with Ceramic Paint – Swallow Friendly Eaves

I got a call from a garage buyer this week distressed at how things were turning out with her new double garage.  We take customer service very seriously at Shedspot so if someone rings up with a problem, we are quick to look for find solutions.  But this was a problem a bit outside the square.

Our new customer was a lady with a small rural property up near Byron Bay.  She had bought a double Garage that was built to withstand the tough weather conditions of the North Coast of NSW.  At least… I’m told they are tough.  When I look at people’s holiday snaps from Byron Bay.. its doesn’t look too tough to me thank you very  much.

Anyway, the garage itself was fine, she got  a local guy to pour a slab for her, then she got a home handyman to help install the garage.  The garage looked great, performed as expected and was in every way everything she was looking for… except in one regard.  The swallows were not doing well.

This Garage has a small eave on either side, so it’s not the sort of place you’d expect swallows to build their mud nests… but for some reason the local swallow population decided this was just the spot they were looking for.  So 3 months after the shed was installed, it became a swallow rookery.  The problem is Swallows are not too up to speed on how much heat a steel shed or garage can radiate when standing in full sun and the swallow babies had all expired from heat exhaustion.  It was a disaster.

There was really no way to insulate the eaves of the Garage as there is insufficient room to install insulation… and the Swallows seemed undeterred by the loss of their babies and had returned the following season to try again.  Fast action was needed.

The answer was found in ceramic paint.  Ceramic paint is awesome as an insulator.  It doesn’t’ need to be thick like normal insulation, and its very effective.  Its expensive, many times the cost of normal paint… but it’s easy to apply and we decided it was worth a shot.  It’s commonly used on large steel roofed buildings but it seems to not be too commonly used domestically which is surprising.

$150 worth of ceramic paint later and the area on the eaves was now insulated from the heat that otherwise would have radiated down from the heat sink that was the roof.

Customer Happy

Swallows Happy

And of course, we were ecstatic.

Not only did we save the swallows, but we discovered a product that could make our Abasco Sheds even more useful.  Ceramic Paint is a great way to insulate your shed from both the heat and the cold.  In summer, your shed will be cooler as less radiating heat will be transferred through the steel roof and walls.  In winter, it will be cheaper to heat, as far less heat is lost the same way.  We reckon you will save at least 50% on your heating bill, so if you are using a workshop shed and are in a cold climate?  Ceramic paint is the way to go.

I am not going to link out to any particular brand of ceramic paint for your garden shed needs at this stage as I am unclear on which one is the most suitable… but if anyone has expertise in this area and got a brand to recommend over the others and can provide reasons why, I’d love to hear from you so I can pass this news on to ShedSpot’s customers.

I am aware not all ceramic paints work on metal… so do ask questions before parting with your cash.

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