How to Evict Wasps from Your Shed or Garden!

No matter how tightly you secure your shed, wasps seem to make their way in and build their nests. They’re ugly and they can sting repeatedly if disturbed.
Wasps do serve a purpose in pollinating plants and removing other pests that can be destructive to your plants, but we don’t necessarily want to share the shed with them.

Wasps like to establish their nests in spring and make their nest by ingesting wood to create a paper-like substance to build the walls. They will remain in residence until autumn.

If you find a nest that has been abandoned, leave it alone – once abandoned, wasps will not return.

Pesticides and insecticides are readily available at any hardware store and can be sprayed on the entrance of the wasp nest. When you do this, make sure there are no children or animals in the area as the wasps will be understandably angry. Another alternative is to burn the nest, using a torch or lit stick set fire to the nest, being careful not to allow the fire to spread to any surrounding wooden structures. Ensure the area underneath has no dry grass and leaves that can catch fire.
Keep a hose handy just in case.

If the nest has managed to grow to a large size without you noticing it, consider calling in a professional. A full nest in peak season can contain up to 10,000 wasps – and if they’re unhappy about the eviction notice, that’s a lot of angry wasps to contend with!

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