Growing Herbs Around Your Shed – One for the Girls!

A herb garden around your garden shed will make it look more homely and you’ll also have a ready supply of fresh herbs when you’re cooking.

Growing herbs is one of the easiest jobs in your garden. You can grow them in pots but they prefer growing in the ground so they can spread out – some will grow to 4 – 6’. Most prefer to grow in full sun, but that doesn’t mean the sun beating down on them all day every day – exposure of around 4 hours a day (morning or afternoon) will make your herbs happy.

Preparing the area is the most important part of this exercise. Dig up the garden bed to loosen it – this allow roots to spread and water to drain. Add about an inch of compost to the bed and dig it through.

Plant your herbs allowing 1 foot square for chives, dill and parsley, 2 foot square for basil, thyme and tarragon and 3 feet for rosemary, sage, mint and marjoram.

Keep a close eye on your herb garden to make sure you are watering enough. Use mulch to prevent evaporation and soil wetting agents to conserve water. If the soil gets very dry, you may need to water more often, but more is not better – don’t over water.

In just a few weeks you could be cooking with home grown herbs.

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