Garden Sheds are for Girls!

What is it about blokes and sheds? Is it the opportunity to get away from the family? Perhaps it’s the chance for a little solitude. Or is it the prospect of tinkering with gadgets or pulling apart items and putting them back together”?albeit sometimes in a slightly different arrangement?

Let’s face it, some blokes spend a lot of time in the garden shed, often with very little to show for it when they finally re-enter the outside world. Something’s going on in there! Is a garden shed really a suburban cave? And what’s a girl to do while he’s in there? She should get her own shed of course!

Now if you’re wondering just what a girl can do in a garden shed, here are a couple of ideas:

  • Turn your shed into a studio of creative activity. Do you enjoy painting, writing, scrap booking, restoring old furniture or making anything at all? Get a decent sized shed, add a light and some furniture and hey presto – creative studio!
  • If you’re into gardening, turn even a small shed into a little potting area where you can separate clumping plants, plant cuttings or pot up new items.

There’s a shed size to suit just about any activity you want to do in your back yard. A 3 metre x 3 metre Premier garden shed is only $499. If you’re going to share in the shed experience you could even consider sharing the shed with him – the 5.96 metre x 3 metres Highlander has two doors!

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