Cyclonic wind Proof sheds are ideal for Glabal Warming weather conditions

We’ve had a lot of orders in the last few weeks for out stronger, cyclone proof sheds – and not just up in the far North in cyclone territory. Whilst the Southern parts of Australia don’t suffer from cyclones, they are not immune from being battered by severe storms.

Our cyclone proof range, designed to withstand severe weather, is just as relevant these days in the South of Australia as in the North, and with the prediction from the weather man being Global warming is going to result in more instances of severe weather in all parts of Australia, then when considering a shed, perhaps consider one of our cyclone proof sheds.

The extra price will certainly be worth it if your home is hit by a severe storm, and your shed contains items you’d prefer not to be damaged.

With so many of our sheds out in the elements, we didn’t get a single report of any of them that failed to survive the recent severe weather… except for those that went totally underwater.

So consider a shed made to take on this kind of weather if you’ve just been battered by it… it’s only going to get worse in years to come.

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