Cheap Sheds vs Discount Sheds – Spot the Difference

Cheap Sheds vs Discount Sheds – Spot the Difference

When looking at out logs regarding what people typed into search engines in order to find the Shedspot site  - there are two search terms that invariably appear in almost equal numbers.  Those two terms are cheap sheds and discount sheds.  Sure there are plenty of variations on both of these terms such as buy cheap garden sheds online, or buy a discount backyard shed et cetera but a whopping 50% of the search terms people use when looking for a shed online resulting in them finding the Shedspot site contain the words “cheap” or “discount”.

As a result I want to point something out to all of our customers.

ShedSpot doesn’t sell cheap sheds – we only sell discount sheds.

Okay….  I hear you, these words are so similar we are just arguing semantics right?  Not so.  Let me explain the difference.

A cheap shed is cheap, because it’s been made with lesser quality materials.  Often the steel has been cheaply recycled and has impurities in it that will lead to rust problems and structural weaknesses.  Such sheds will generally be fine.  Unless is rains.  Unless there are strong winds.  Unless you are wishing to keep such a shed in service for more than a couple of years before having to replace it.

Year after year I see new shed brands come and go.  The market is flooded with these cheap imports for a while… then the company selling them just closes up shop and disappears.  Warranties are worth nothing… and these cheap sheds soon need replacing.  Then a new company comes along, selling a new brand of sheds.  The models are more or less the same as the models sold by the company that closed down… because they ARE the same sheds… just with a different label on the side.

Cheap sheds, invariably cost you more than a well built shed, that’s a fact.

At ShedSpot, we sell quality Sheds at discounted prices.  We keep our operations lean and mean so we can offer our clients the best possible prices on our huge range of quality, Abasco Sheds.  In most cases it’s cheaper to buy from us than any hardware store or even direct from the manufacturer.  Our sheds come with decade or longer warranties, are made from top quality steel and are manufactured here in Australia.  Many of our popular shed models are designed to withstand gale force or cyclonic winds.

This is no fly by night operation that will disappear at the first crack in your shed’s exterior.

So don’t buy a cheap shed, by a discount shed.  A discounted shed in many cases is cheaper in the short and the long run than a cheap shed and it will be still standing many years after the cheap shed has become little more than a rusting hulk.

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