Garden Shed Tips

Welding at Home

If you want to get into some serious home handyman jobs, you might find you need to do some welding at some stage. Welding dates back thousands of years to the Bronze Age. Over the years, the art of welding has advanced and improvements made to make it easier, safer and more useful. Welding can […]

Care and Maintenance of Your Garden Equipment

Regular maintenance of your garden tools will increase their life, help prevent personal injury, and increase your gardening enjoyment. Garden Hoses Proper storage will stop your hose from kinking and cracking and stopping the water flow. Use a reel and if you have reticulation and rarely use your hose, store it in your garden shed. […]

Tool Box Essentials for Your Garden Shed

If you’re about to create a garden of your own for the first time, why not start by having all the right gear! Below are a few of your garden basics. Start with what you need most and in no time you’ll have all the equipment you need to create a masterpiece. Lawnmowers – they […]

More Strange Shed Findings

To add to our series of posts on the strange things people have found in their sheds, the following comes to us from the UK.Waiting to be revealed to the world for between 4,000 and 5,000 years a neolithic flint axe sat in a garden shed drawer for another 40 years because the owner of […]

The Many Uses of a Backyard Shed

There are many ways to use your backyard shed other than for housing gardening tools. You could use it as a workshop for building small pieces of furniture. Or, you could use it as a craft room for creating all of those wonderful things that are fun to make, but make too much mess in […]

Children and Gardening

Mother Nature is doing if tough these days. Getting your children involved in the outdoors early in life can help them learn to appreciate our world and care for it. Here are some of the benefits that gardening can provide children: 1. Science: In planting, children will learn about the plant’s life cycle and how, […]

Growing Herbs Around Your Shed – One for the Girls!

A herb garden around your garden shed will make it look more homely and you’ll also have a ready supply of fresh herbs when you’re cooking. Growing herbs is one of the easiest jobs in your garden. You can grow them in pots but they prefer growing in the ground so they can spread out […]

A Backyard Battle of the Sexes

We Australians take great pride in our heritage and the humble shed is part of that. The outback dunny has all but disappeared, but the shed lives on and goes from strength to strength. Early settlers stored tools or rum in their sheds. These were no ordinary sheds – they were well built and some […]

Ants and Spiders in your Shed

Working alone in the backyard shed can be very satisfying, but you always have company of some sort, whether you want it or not – ants and spiders. Regular spraying for insects will help to keep them under control. Most spiders are harmless, but there are a few in Australia species that can cause serious […]

How to Evict Wasps from Your Shed or Garden!

No matter how tightly you secure your shed, wasps seem to make their way in and build their nests. They’re ugly and they can sting repeatedly if disturbed. Wasps do serve a purpose in pollinating plants and removing other pests that can be destructive to your plants, but we don’t necessarily want to share the […]