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Raise your Garden Shed Slab and keep your contents dry

Raise your Garden Shed Slab and keep your contents dry

I have friends and family in the top end… the Western top end that is and I’ve been storm watching for a couple of weeks as a tropical cyclone builds and prepares to smash into the coast of Northern Western Australia.  My people are in Derby(North of Broome) and Karatha.  At one point it was […]

Buying a Garden Shed Online, not from a hardware store

Buying a Garden Shed Online, not from a hardware store

So the time has come for you to invest in a new garden shed and so naturally you are about to grab the keys to your car and drive down to your nearest Bunnings or other brand-name hardware store and check out their shed range. Nothing wrong with that, it’s a good way to get […]

Cheap Sheds vs Discount Sheds – Spot the Difference

Cheap Sheds vs Discount Sheds – Spot the Difference

When looking at out logs regarding what people typed into search engines in order to find the Shedspot site  - there are two search terms that invariably appear in almost equal numbers.  Those two terms are cheap sheds and discount sheds.  Sure there are plenty of variations on both of these terms such as buy cheap […]

Shed Secured? OK, now check your home

Security Tips – The Importance of Security Doors and Windows In the past we’ve given advice on shed security as they are often soft targets for opportunists thieves.  Your shed often contains valuables such as mowers and other yard tools that are easily sold off the back of a truck.  Your shed needs to be […]

Cyclonic wind Proof sheds are ideal for Glabal Warming weather conditions

We’ve had a lot of orders in the last few weeks for out stronger, cyclone proof sheds – and not just up in the far North in cyclone territory. Whilst the Southern parts of Australia don’t suffer from cyclones, they are not immune from being battered by severe storms. Our cyclone proof range, designed to […]

Shed Insulation for Hot and Cold Weather

I have a friend living in Berlin at the moment – an Aussie boy used to living in a house, with a large kitted out shed out the back.  Work has taken him across the sea and he has only good things to say about Berlin. For starters, its costs less than half the price […]

Designer Garden Shed vs Designer Garden Shed Screen

Adding a garden shed to your back yard can achieve many things.  You can de clutter your house by using the shed, as a storage shed for seasonal items such as heaters etc Keep your garden tools, mowers, brooms, power tools etc in it. Use it as a studio or workshop. Too many ways to […]

West Coast vs East Coast Garden Sheds

As an East Coast of Australia born and bred shed man, I had no real idea of the conditions my fellow shed men on the West Coast had to contend with. I mean… When I see Perth on the news it looks like a modern city, the areas South of Perth such as Bunbury and […]

Got a Garden Shed with no Tools in It? Don’t despair.

I remember my dad having endless tools in his shed. And not just tools, containers of nuts and bolts and washers and screws that he’d collected over time. Whenever something broke in a mower, a trailer, a bike… my dad could dig around in his shed, and find a replacement.

Shed Your Inhibitions!

A good shed is simply a must in your garden – you can take all those tools and kids’ toys that are lying around and give them a storage place, where they won’t get lost and they’ll be safe from the weather. Even if you don’t have a big garden, there’s a shed small enough […]