Aviary Tips

Aviary Perches – Where to Put Them

Did you know that perches should be placed at about your chest level so that the birds know their place in the hierarchy? Lower than this and they will be frightened, higher than this and they think they’re in charge – the more dominant bird always sits on the higher branches! When placing your perches […]

Aviary choice and location

If you’re thinking about buying an aviary but are relatively new to bird keeping, here are some basic matters you’ll need to give some thought to before you make a final selection. Size As a general rule your bird cage or aviary should be at twice the wing span of your full-grown bird in width, […]

Aviary maintenance chores

Buying your first big aviary? Just about everything has a chore or two to go with it and aviaries are no different! To keep your birds happy and their home looking spick and span, here are some of the chores you can look forward to. Daily 1.Flooring – paper should be changed daily. If you […]