Care and Maintenance of Your Garden Equipment

Regular maintenance of your garden tools will increase their life, help prevent personal injury, and increase your gardening enjoyment.
Garden Hoses
Proper storage will stop your hose from kinking and cracking and stopping the water flow. Use a reel and if you have reticulation and rarely use your hose, store it in your garden shed.

Metal Garden Rakes

An upturned rake can inflict painful and sometimes serious puncture wounds when stepped on, to say nothing about the possibility of the handle flying up and hitting you in the face. When you aren’t using it, send it to the shed!

Wooden Handle Tools

When you first get them home, apply several coats of quality varnish or paint. Bring already damaged wooden handles up to scratch by sanding splinters until smooth, then paint to prevent further wear.

Metal Tools

If the metal edges of shovels, hoes, rakes or other garden tools are nicked, smooth them with a metal file. Any rough surfaces should be gone over with steel wool or other abrasive which is good for metal. Any moving metal parts should be oiled occasionally.

All tools should be stored in a dry spot like the garden shed – after all, that’s why you bought it isn’t it?

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