Buying a Garden Shed Online, not from a hardware store

Buying a Garden Shed Online, not from a hardware store

So the time has come for you to invest in a new garden shed and so naturally you are about to grab the keys to your car and drive down to your nearest Bunnings or other brand-name hardware store and check out their shed range. Nothing wrong with that, it’s a good way to get a feel for the different types and sizes at sheds on the market.

The just don’t make the mistake of turning this shed feature and price fact-finding mission into a shed buying mission unless you want to pay more than you need to for your new backyard shed.

Let me detail the issues.

Hardware Store Price Guarantees

Hardware store price guarantees offered by many of the large hardware chains contain a claim they will beat or at least match any price on a competitors stocked item.  The key issue here is stocked.  Keeping an item physically in stock is something online retailers of large items such as sheds simply don’t need to do.  It makes no sense to have the shed first shipped from the manufacturer to the retailer and then reshipped to the customer so most online shed retailers including shed spot have negotiated warehousing deals with the manufacturers and when items are sold they are shipped directly to the customer.  So you see the loophole this cost saving activity provides the large hardware stores?

Because we operate on lower margins and in any case have lower overheads we can offer our sheds for sale at a huge discount that the hardware stores can’t match but because by definition would do not have all the sheds ”in stock” their price guarantee is not enforceable.  The whole point is, they don’t want to be placed in position at having to meet the price challenge of online shed retailers they just want to be able to make a very public promise of beating the prices of everyone else that customers don’t look too closely at and just assume it must be true without checking things out.

Hardware stores don’t stock many sheds either
We have had quite a few customers come to us to purchase a shed after first checking the shed out at a large hardware store.  They saw the shed that they wanted or at least one it was a similar style, colour or size to the one they wanted but then when they went to order the exact model they were after to their individual needs… They were told the hardware store was currently out of stock on that item that they could arrange it to be direct shipped to the customer’s home within 10 days for a reasonable fee.

Luckily these customers decided to consider their options and went home and found the shed spot website and talk to us first.

The thing is? That shed the large hardware store is currently out of stock of… It was never in stock.  The large hardware stores don’t try and stock all the different styles, sizes and colours of garden shed because that would be inefficient resulting in double freight charges which drastically increase the sale price such items.

Do you see the double standard here?

The large hardware stores offer what appears to be an ironclad guarantees to match competitor pricing of stocked items… But they avoid any legal responsibility to honor this guarantee with the inclusion of the “stocked” disclaimer.  So whilst they neatly sidestep legal responsibility in their price guarantee because our online competitors offer lower prices by not keeping items in stock… They engage in the same practice of not stocking items… They just don’t offer the same price reductions and guarantees that Shedspot does.

Your shed won’t be delivered faster by the hardware store
Again it comes down to warehousing. The large hardware stores are not warehousing the sheds any more than Shedspot is so whether you buy the goods instore and a hardware store or online at Shedspot… The speed at which your shed arrives is really going to come down to how fast your order is processed.  Since shed spot processes orders in every case on the same day that they were made, in many cases within an hour of the order being placed there is really no way for the large hardware stores to compete with us in terms of speed of ordering.

So if the time has come to buy a new garden shed or draw a place your ageing existing one then saves time, petrol and get a better price in any case by shopping for your garden shed online at allu

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