Aviary maintenance chores

Buying your first big aviary? Just about everything has a chore or two to go with it and aviaries are no different! To keep your birds happy and their home looking spick and span, here are some of the chores you can look forward to.

1.Flooring – paper should be changed daily. If you are using an aviary litter, this should be raked over daily so that droppings fall to the bottom.
2.Food and water containers should be washed in hot water using a mild soap (if you use a feeder, just wipe off the droppings and clear off the top layer of seed).
3.Wipe droppings off perches.

1.Flooring – if using aviary litter, this should be removed weekly and replaced with fresh litter.
2.Wash the walls, perches and other inside surfaces with mild soap and hot water.
3.If you use a feeder (that you have wiped clean daily), this should be emptied and cleaned thoroughly during the weekly clean.
4.To clean plastic surfaces, use a solution of vinegar and water (2tbs vinegar to1 litre of water). Use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the plastic.
5.Household bleach can be used as a disinfectant in your aviary, but you must remove the birds as the fumes can be harmful to birds (if you clean your aviary regularly, there will be little need for disinfecting). Rinse thoroughly before returning your birds to the aviary.

To make things a little easier on yourself and your birds, if your aviary is large enough you could consider putting some shade cloth across one half of the aviary – the birds can then retreat to the other side while you clean.

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