Aviary choice and location

If you’re thinking about buying an aviary but are relatively new to bird keeping, here are some basic matters you’ll need to give some thought to before you make a final selection.

As a general rule your bird cage or aviary should be at twice the wing span of your full-grown bird in width, depth and height, obviously the more birds in your aviary the larger you will need your aviary to be.

The shape of your aviary will depend on the type of bird you are keeping:
Budgies – tall and wide;
Canaries and finches – wide and long;
Cockatiels will need enough room to move without damaging their crest and long tail.

Securing the door
Be sure that you are able to properly secure your door. If there is just a thin latch, your bird may spend the day devising an escape plan. So a good latch on the door and even a padlock will stop the most determined escape plan and also protect from any unauthorised human visitors.

Birds are people too. If your bird is happy with people around, choose a location near the family. If your bird is less social (and you’ll know which your bird is), then choose a quieter area, but whatever the location make sure that you can see them to guard against predators (larger birds, cats, snakes, etc).
Find a spot where your birds will get the morning sun and were they will also be protected from the elements.

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