Shed Insulation for Hot and Cold Weather

I have a friend living in Berlin at the moment – an Aussie boy used to living in a house, with a large kitted out shed out the back.  Work has taken him across the sea and he has only good things to say about Berlin. For starters, its costs less than half the price […]

Designer Garden Shed vs Designer Garden Shed Screen

Adding a garden shed to your back yard can achieve many things.  You can de clutter your house by using the shed, as a storage shed for seasonal items such as heaters etc Keep your garden tools, mowers, brooms, power tools etc in it. Use it as a studio or workshop. Too many ways to […]

West Coast vs East Coast Garden Sheds

As an East Coast of Australia born and bred shed man, I had no real idea of the conditions my fellow shed men on the West Coast had to contend with. I mean… When I see Perth on the news it looks like a modern city, the areas South of Perth such as Bunbury and […]

Got a Garden Shed with no Tools in It? Don’t despair.

I remember my dad having endless tools in his shed. And not just tools, containers of nuts and bolts and washers and screws that he’d collected over time. Whenever something broke in a mower, a trailer, a bike… my dad could dig around in his shed, and find a replacement.

Aviary Perches – Where to Put Them

Did you know that perches should be placed at about your chest level so that the birds know their place in the hierarchy? Lower than this and they will be frightened, higher than this and they think they’re in charge – the more dominant bird always sits on the higher branches! When placing your perches […]

Aviary choice and location

If you’re thinking about buying an aviary but are relatively new to bird keeping, here are some basic matters you’ll need to give some thought to before you make a final selection. Size As a general rule your bird cage or aviary should be at twice the wing span of your full-grown bird in width, […]

Aviary maintenance chores

Buying your first big aviary? Just about everything has a chore or two to go with it and aviaries are no different! To keep your birds happy and their home looking spick and span, here are some of the chores you can look forward to. Daily 1.Flooring – paper should be changed daily. If you […]

A Blokey Afternoon in the Garage

Why not get your mates together in the garage this weekend and have a bit of fun with your car? Body kits are available in a wide range. You’ll most likely have an idea of what you want to achieve to make your car stand out from the crowd. Some accessories can be practical as […]

Maintaining Your Car – Touching up the Paint

You keep your car in the garage to protect it from the weather, but nothing can protect it from shopping trolleys, people’s car doors and careless drivers who nudge your car, leaving a little dent but no note. Some scratches on your car can remove all the paint down to the metal and the area […]

Unusual Uses for Your Garage

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary a garage is a shelter or workshop for automobiles, but people seem to have discovered a wider range of uses for their garages. If you’re a little eccentric you may have though of some of these ideas yourself: A pool hall – great for getting all your mates around […]