A Man’s Shed is His Castle

The backyard shed has traditionally been the domain of the male of the house. It is such an important part of their world that they have even named a group after it “Men and Their Sheds”.

Television shows centred around backyard goings on have proven popular over recent years. Shows like Burke’s backyard and Backyard Blitz have been informing us who to look after our gardens, while shows like Home Improvement with “Tim the Toolman” show us what not to do with tools!

While women need to talk out their problems, a man needs his space to think and they certainly make full use of their sheds, spending hours in there “thinking”.

According to the Brisbane Courier Mail (04/09/2009) many “sheddies” have had second thoughts about buying new tools to use in their sheds due to the global financial crises but some have taken advantage of the government’s economic stimulus package to update their equipment – which in turn saves stretched household budgets by enabling those jobs around the house to get done for a little less.

Many men install fridges, TVs and stereos in their sheds and when their mates come around they often retreat to the shed, leaving the women and children to themselves in the main house.

Backyards and sheds are an essential part of the Australian lifestyle and provide a valuable contribution to our entertainment needs, household finances and even relationships.

That’s our story anyway, and we’re sticking to it!

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