A Backyard Battle of the Sexes

We Australians take great pride in our heritage and the humble shed is part of that. The outback dunny has all but disappeared, but the shed lives on and goes from strength to strength.

Early settlers stored tools or rum in their sheds. These were no ordinary sheds – they were well built and some still exist today.
Every self-respecting Aussie bloke wants his own shed. Whether small or large, a place to visit occasionally or even to “live” in, the Aussie shed is a tradition that will last forever – we hope!

But women are starting to venture out there! Not necessarily to take away his private retreat – but to improve it. To remind him to keep it clean; to help him choose curtains for the window. After all (she thinks!) how much fun can you have in a shed without a few creature comforts?

From the male point of view, it’s the final bastion of male domination and worthy of protecting from female invasion. The shed is a place for blokes to be blokes and bond (without any touchy feely stuff). To scratch their…well anywhere they want to scratch. It’s a place where they can talk about cars and be understood without having to explain – again. Where they don’t have to think about or deal with emotion. It’s a place to build and fix things and have the satisfaction of knowing that they can do anything, at least until they leave their shed…

Where this backyard battle will end is anyone’s guess.

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