Designer Garden Shed vs Designer Garden Shed Screen


Posted by Rob | Posted in Garden Shed Tips | Posted on 21-11-2010

Adding a garden shed to your back yard can achieve many things. 

  1. You can de clutter your house by using the shed, as a storage shed for seasonal items such as heaters etc
  2. Keep your garden tools, mowers, brooms, power tools etc in it.
  3. Use it as a studio or workshop.

Too many ways to use a shed to list them all here, but in addition to adding a useful space to your yard, a shed can also increase the value of your home, and greatly more than the cost of the shed if you do it right.

It’s important with all home improvements that you consider the capital cost of the improvement.  If increasing the value of your house is a major consideration, you don’t want to be spending more on an improvement than you stand to gain by way of an increase in your property’s value.  Many are the tales of a house being purchased, many hundreds of thousands being spent on a reno only to find the market has dropped, the house is overcapitalised and it sells for less than the cost of the initial purchase plus the renovation costs.

Sheds are less of an issue, but you can certainly spend more than you should.  I’ve seen a Japanese shelter themed shed that whilst it is certainly beautiful… I can’t see how with a $28,000 price tag the owners are ever going to recoup that in improved house sale price.  The area of this house in particular is not one where beautiful sheds will be appreciated so this addition is to me, an over capitalisation.
“Yes, it cost us a packet… but we didn’t want a plain steel shed sitting in the back yard…. It’s just not us.”

I hear you on this…. a modern designer house…. It’s not necessarily going to be enhanced by a steel shed in the backyard.  But you don’t need to go to the expense of building a modern designer shed….. you just need to build a modern, designer brick screening wall.


Shed with screen

shed behind screen

In the attached photos you can see this pretty snazzy concrete rendered brick wall that hides the steel shed behind it.  So a modern, clean look is achieved at a fraction of the cost of building a designer shed, to match the designer house!

You can have a screen like this built for under $3,000.