West Coast vs East Coast Garden Sheds


Posted by Rob | Posted in Garden Shed Tips | Posted on 17-10-2010

As an East Coast of Australia born and bred shed man, I had no real idea of the conditions my fellow shed men on the West Coast had to contend with.  I mean…. When I see Perth on the news it looks like a modern city, the areas South of Perth such as Bunbury and Busselton look Green and Lush… it’s all got to be more or less like the East Coast Right?

How wrong I was.  The term where the desert meets the ocean truly does refer to the West Coast of Australia.  Rainfall all along the West Coast is minimal, grass and trees are rarely seen between Broome and Geraldton.  The wind is often from the Ocean, be it a South or North Westerly… and its often strong so sheds need to be able to withstand not only the day to day pounding of strong winds, especially in summer… they need to be able to withstand the corrosive effects of a constant see breeze.

All of the sheds sold by Shedspot are designed and made in Australia.  Our sheds our made from quality Australian Steel.  Steel, is not steel.  A great deal of overseas steel is made from recycled steel so the makeup of it is at best random, at worst, filled with undesirable impurities that can effect strength, and ability to withstand corrosion.

As well as being made from high quality steel, many of our Sheds come with the strength to withstand cyclonic winds – handy not only when you live in a cyclone area, they are handy everywhere.  Whilst cyclones only happen in cyclone areas, severe storms can and do happen anywhere.

So if you are on the West Coast, and are looking for a Shed that is guaranteed to last for at least 10 years(likely much more) – to withstand cyclonic winds and the constant corrosion of sea breezes then Shedspot is the place to look for your new Garden Shed