Caring for your Colorbond shed

Your new Colorbond shed requires little maintenance. In most cases just a regular wash with water will suffice. If you get regular rain then you don’t need to do anything, but for those panels that are not reached by the rain or in drought areas, you would be wise just to give your shed a bit of a hose down every six months or so. Typically, areas that will need some attention from you will be your shed door (s) and under eaves and gutters.

If you live in a coastal area, even a number of streets away the marine salt can still affect any metal, so a more frequent regular hose down will help to prolong the life of your shed.

If a simple hosing does not clean off all the dirt, for example bird droppings, wash the panels with a solution of warm water with pure soap and nonabrasive kitchen detergent. Gently apply with a soft cloth or sponge to prevent shiny spots. Rinse thoroughly to remove all detergent.

NEVER use abrasive or solvent-type cleaners such as turps, petrol, kero or paint thinners.

Minor scratches are best left alone – touching up can make it look worse than it actually is. When, in a few years time you consider repainting your shed, after a good clean (as above) paint directly over it with 2 coats of a good quality water-based exterior acrylic paint.

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